What is child day care?

Child day care enables parents to balance family life with professional career or studies. Child day care is ideally suited for children up to their third birthday. Mainly, it takes place in the private home of the day carer who may look after no more than five children at the same time. Though most frequently serving very young children, child day care can be made available for children up to 14 years of age.

Persons who offer child day care have undergone specialized training and are approved by the Bremen Senator of Education. Child day care operates according to the Code of Social Law VIII, Paragraph 22 und 23 (Sozialgesetzbuch VIII, §§ 22 and 23) and specializes on the needs of the youngest.

Costs and the overall organization of day care are regulated by the City of Bremen. Please find the official information, including on parental contribution, possible choices and general procedures, on


Child day care is offered in all areas of Bremen

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