What is child day care?

Child day care enables parents to balance family life with their career or studies. It is ideally suited for children up to their third birthday, because it mostly takes place in the private home of the day care mother who may look after no more than five children at the same time. Though most frequently used for young children, child day care is available for all children under 14 years of age.

Day care mothers have to undergo specialised training in order to qualify as recognized and approved day care mothers. As other forms of established childcare, child day care offers insurance for the child while the day care mother is subsidized and supported by the state. According to the Social Security Code VIII (Sozialgesetzbuch VIII, §§ 22 and 23), this support includes finding a capable and qualified day care mother for the child and paying this person for their service out of public funds.

Parents may also apply for financial support to cover the costs of day care. In the city of Bremen, these applications should be sent to 'Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe des Amtes für Soziale Dienste' (Financial Youth Welfare Sector within the Office of Social Services). The amount of the financial support depends on the household income of the child's parents. Child day care should not cost more than childcare in a créche or nursery.

Parents who have immigrated from abroad or who are temporarily living or working in Germany can also apply for financial support for day care. There is, however, one exception: Where the visa or residence permit states that the person in question is not entitled to social security or/and other public benefits, the child may still attend day care, however the parents will have to cover the costs for the service.

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